Sunday, 14 August 2011

6 weeks and counting

Back in France now and just 6 weeks until my second little boy arrives and I don't feel prepared at all.  Pregnancy, lots of traveling and finishing off work have left me frazzled.

So in an attempt to bring some order to the chaos I have done what I do best........write a list!

These are the projects/tasks that I have set myself to do in the next 4 weeks (after which we travel again to England to have the baby there).
  1. Make a series of Montessori mobiles for the new baby (a whole series of posts coming on this project)
  2. Dig out all the baby clothes and things that are in boxes somewhere (and get them all washed and ready)
  3. Prepare the babies environment (sleeping/changing etc).  I have big plans for this!
  4. Completely spring clean and declutter the house (hello nesting instinct)
  5. Have a go at a few sewing projects 
    • Partchwork blanket
    • Fabric puzzle ball
    • Maybe even knit something? OK this is unlikely but I would love to make a knitted blanket.
  6. Make some grasping beads (I love these ones)
  7. Make some artwork for the babies bedroom ( I have wanted to do this for a while anyway)
  8. Introduce some new activities with Freddy that he can do on his own for short periods of time.  I have already set up an area in the house for us all to hang out together that I call our 'classroom'.
The Flowing Rhythm mobile from Flensted Mobiles
    I know that most of these items are not essential but I have my heart set on being as prepared as possible (and most of them are pretty fun!).

    A note on sleeping arrangements: Freddy co-slept with us from birth (and still does)  and whilst it is wonderful in many many ways I have to admit that at 20 months he still needs to be nursed or rocked to sleep (several times each night) and I just don't think I'm able to do this again.  We are hoping to have a healthy blend of sleep independence a la Montessori and attachment parenting which we still feel is 'our style'.  My plan is to prepare for all eventualities and if we end up with 4 in the bed then so be it but we will see how we get on with actually using one of our spare bedrooms as a bedroom for a change.

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