Friday, 19 August 2011

Beautiful vintage Swedish abacus / chalk board

I thought I would share this beautiful children's toy that Freddy was given to play with at Farmor (Father's Mother) and Farfar's (Father's Father) house.  It's more than 70 years old and has the Swedish alphabet and various numbers on a wooden frame surrounding counting beads and a small writing board.  This was the educational toy of its day no doubt and they don't make them like this anymore do they?


  1. Love this! I don't know if you are familiar with the RightStart Math's Abacus, the beads are similar to the one you have. The concept is any number after 5 is seen as 5 +1, 5+2, etc and the differentiation in color after 5 helps the child see that! How awesome that this existed that long ago and we are just discovering the benefits of such tools!

  2. Yes I know, it's amazing. I really love the simplicity of old toys. I'll take a look at the RightStart abacus thanks!


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