Sunday, 14 August 2011

Crayfish Party!

As recipients of our cultural exchange packages will know a crayfish party is an important part of Swedish summer culture.  The party,  called a kräftskiva takes place in early August and involves eating a lot of the little lobster wannabes outdoors with lots of party accessories including hats with crayfish on them, napkins with crayfish on them, plates drcorated with crayfish you see where this is going?

Crayfish fresh from Swedish lakes
Anyway, it's a really fun party and here are some pictures from ours......

A man in the moon paper lantern is hung above the table.

Traditional paper lantern
 The crayfish come in buckets full of murky lake water.

The vodka flows, songs are sung loudly and if it's a good party it gets a bit rowdy.

They are certainly very interesting creatures.

A pile of carcasses gather on each plate (sorry vegetarians).


  1. Love this post and the pictures! Hope you don't mind me printing and adding this to our Continent Boxes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't mind at all! And I'm sure that there are not many continent boxes that even mention Sweden so good on you!


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