Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cultural exchange package: Argentina

I'm so behind in posting about the Cultural Exchange packages that I have received but I couldn't let this one slip through the net.

The Cultural Exchange is an initiative that allows families from all over the world to make contact with each other and learn about their countries and I was very excited to be participating in a group with a family from Argentina!

So here is what we received:
  • An Argentinian flag
  • A Traditional story puzzle about the origins of the Yerba Mate
  • A letter about Argentina and some printables
  • Argentinian sweets and a recipe to make 'Dulce de leche'
  • Little Coya figurine and clay pot showing traditional local crafts (both adorable)
  • Collected seashells from San Antonio Este (Patagonia)
  • Coins (and an explanation of the different coins in use), pin badge, eraser and flag
  • Notes and a pack of playing cards
  • Tea gourd, tea and a metal tea straw (which stops you from sucking up the tea leaves)
  • Historical images and stories
  • Beautiful collected seed pods and other items used in local crafts

I think what I love most about this package is that we will actually use some of the bits in our everyday lives.  I will definitely use the tea straw and Henry's treasure basket will be filled with the beautiful seed pods and shells.  I love the idea of saying to the boys 'look, here is a shell from a beech in Argentina'.

It reminds me of the basket that we were sent from Ohio which is still in regular use today.

To all those of you who are putting together your packages this is a great example of how thoughtful it is possible to make them without the need to buy everything.

Find out how to participate in an exchange here.

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