Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cultural exchange package: India

Yesterday we received our cultural exchange package from a family representing India!  You can read about the family's preparation on their blog here.

The idea of the exchange is to send a package to the participating families with a letter and items representing the country such as souvenirs or cultural bits and pieces.

So here is what we received from India.....

  • A packet of 'Mango Mood' candies and dried Mango Bars to represent Mangoes in India
  • Several ingredients and a few recipes to try out including Mango Lassi and Pressed Rice Pudding (this was such a good idea)
  • A really interesting letter written by the children which shows lots of beautiful pictures of India.  It includes geographic, cultural and sporting information as well as specific information about where in India the family are from
  • An Indian flag
  • A two rupee coin
  • A packet of beautiful indian beads which we will incorporate into some of our lacing activities
  • A 'Rakhi' which is a bracelet tied on the wrist of a loved one during the festival of 'Rakhsa Bandhan', where sisters tie bracelets on their brother's wrists to protect them from evil 
  • A pack of 'Bindhis', which are worn on the forehead between the eyebrows by women and girls in India 
  • A wonderful traditional story and pictures about friendship
  • Some pictures to colour in including one representing Diwali day and one a Rangoli.

This is a great package and will be added to our continent boxes when Freddy is older.  In the meantime I'll look out for other families wanting to participate in this kind of valuable experience and hopefully do it again soon.

Sign up for the 2012 cultural exchange here.

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