Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cultural exchange package: USA

We have received another cultural exchange package!

This time from a lovely family representing the USA.  The package is full of really well thought out and interesting bits and pieces giving a fantastic overview of the state of Ohio as well as the USA.

Here some of the items that were included in this bumper package...

  • A stars and stripes pencil, note pad and stickers
  • Some information about the local Armish community in Ohio and a miniature hay bale
  • Baseball beads
  • American flag craft
  • Red, white and blue stretchy stars
  • American flag pin badge
    • Red carnation (which is the state flower)
    • A Cardinal bird also representing Ohio
    • A wooden star to decorate
    • A rainbow crayon
    • American flag
    • Red, white and blue beads
    • Postage stamps
    • Monarch butterfly
    • Watermelon lolly pop
    • Snowman toy
    • American money and coins
    • Lots of stickers
    • And of course a letter and map with lots more information about the USA

    The family also sent a wonderful little basket inspired by the stars and stripes of the country's flag which we are using as we speak for our 'wooden dowel' activity.

    This wonderful opportunity to share information about our native countries was organised by Melissa from Chasing Cheerios and you can read all about the idea and objective of the exchange here.

    Sign up for the 2012 cultural exchange here.

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