Monday, 8 August 2011

The easiest toddler stacking blocks

I noticed that Freddy (20 months) has started to stack things on top of each other for fun which made me realise that he is more than ready for some stacking blocks.

Of course I could easily go and buy a set of wooden blocks for him but this method is so much quicker,  easier and cheaper.

Farfar (Freddy's Father's Father) is always on hand with a saw and he cut up a branch of about 1 foot in length into pieces of about 2 inches long.  A bit of sandpaper can be used to remove any sharp edges following cutting.

Farfar cutting the branch
And voila! A simple tower can be made and knocked down over and over again.

The tower of branch pieces

For older children it might be interesting to make a full set of wooden blocks like this but for a toddler these few blocks are more than adequate.

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best!

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