Thursday, 4 August 2011

Picking blueberries in the forest

One of the many wonderful things about Sweden is the abundance of fruits and berries that you can easily find whilst taking a short walk in the countryside.  Today we decided to head to the forest to do a little blueberry picking with the intention of making something with the berries when we returned.  Things didn't exactly go as planned....

Blueberries carpet the forest floor
Finding berries wasn't a problem at all, they fill the forest floor like a blanket.  Everywhere you look the little blue berries peek out from behind the green shrubs.

Mama and Farfar pick berries as Freddy eats
Freddy loves to eat berries and wasted no time in picking and eating his own whilst Mama, Papa and Farfar filled the basket.

But why pick and eat your own when you can eat them straight from the basket?

Eating all the collected berries

So we left the forest empty handed but not before a jumping session on the amazingly bouncy moss which is like the spongiest springy carpet that you can find.

Jumping on the amazing Swedish forest sponge floor
Even in my highly pregnant state I managed to throw some shapes on the forest trampoline!

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