Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Preparing for the cultural exchange

I am so excited to be taking part in the cultural exchange organised by my favourite Montessori blogger Chasing Cheerios.  Even though Freddy is too young to really understand the concept I thought it would be a lovely thing to do over and over again and collect real life things from different countries for when he is a bit older.

I'm going to guess that as my blog is so new there will not be a risk of the recipients of our packages reading this blog before they receive theirs in the post so that I can show you what I am sending!

Cultural exchange goodies from Sweden

I will be sending packages representing Sweden and so far I am planning to send the following..
  • Letter from Freddy describing traditions, customs and general information about Sweden
  • A selection of Swedish coins and notes (Kronors)
  • A 'Bamse' magazine and figurine (Bamse is BIG in Sweden and all children love this little brown bear that teaches morals and good manners
  • A book of animals and stickers so that the children can compare the Swedish names to those in their own countries
  • A good selection of Swedish sweets which include liquorice and blueberry chocolate as well as the humorously named 'Ploppy' chocolate bar
  • Party supplies for the Crayfish festival (post coming on this soon as our party is planned for Friday)
  • Decorate your own crayfish activity
  • Swedish flag
  • A picture of a Viking to colour in (I'm going to draw this myself)
  • Random stickers (because everyone love stickers don't they?)

Crayfish craft, viking colouring in and a letter from Sweden

Assortment of Swedish money
     All wrapped in a Swedish newspaper parcel and ready for posting!

    Our packages are destined for families from India, USA, Mexico, Ireland, Argentina and Singapore!

    It has been great fun putting these packages together and I cant wait to start receiving the other packages soon.

    Sign up for the 2012 cultural exchange here.


    1. Hi Rachel, I applied to be part of the exchange but should have read everything first re: what to include in the packages. I was joining as I'm a kindergarten teacher of a small group of children and thought it would be wonderful to learn about other cultures in this way. My concern is the food part ..Australia has strict customs re: food entering Australia, and what is sent to other countries as I noticed India sent you alot of food items .

    2. Hi Jennifer,
      You have raised a very good point that I had not considered before. It's easily solved though by making sure that the others in the group know not to send any food. I will tell the participants of this exchange to remember this!
      Thanks so much for the heads up otherwise there could ave been a lot of unhappy exchangers.


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