Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Some of my favourite Montessori resources

This is the first of what I suspect will be many posts sharing the little gems of useful information that I have found on the internet.  I will add all of these to my links page as well as a short description of the content.

If you would like your site added to the list just leave me a message in the comments section with your url and I will add it.

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Montessori materials
  • Montessori for Everyone is a very useful resource for printable materials that you can buy for all the curricular areas, including language, reading, math, art, music, science, history, and geography.  There are also some very good free printables for download.  Their comprehensive lists are a great way to start to develop a curriculum for each age range but you do have to pay for each one.  I have bought all 4 and especially like the fact that there is a list for toddlers (18 months to 3 years) as this is where most people start and need some guidance.  The Complete Collection CDs seem to be very appealing but way too expensive for me.  
  • Montessori Services is the best site that I have found selling mini versions of everyday tools and equipment and an absolutely huge collection of items for practical life activities.  I wish a site like this were available in Europe but until then I have to use the international shipping option.  The site is also a great place to go to get inspiration for new classroom activities and equipment that you can make yourself such as the smelling bottles.
  • Homeschool Creations has tons of free printables and great lesson ideas for you to do at home.  I really like the preschool and tot school ideas.

Montessori albums
  • The Montessori Teachers Collective has albums available freely to view online covering the 3-6 and 6-9 age ranges.  The content is good and covers the traditional Montessori Materials although there are no diagrams or illustrations.  Still very useful though.  There are also really good graphical timelines of evolution, writing and numbers.  Even more than this though there is an online library which includes 11 books written by Maria Montessori, curriculum for 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12, lectures and much more that can all be read online.  This collection gives such a great overview of Montessori principles.
  • Montessori Primary Guide is a very simple to browse and well organised collection of activities; just like an online set of albums with some good videos available too.  All activities have a 'guide age' at which it should be introduced which I personally find useful.
  • Cultivating Dharma has a set of free to download albums for maths, language and geometry.  I have read through the albums and they are extremely well written with lots of insight I haven't seen before.  The age range is from 7 - 11 years and there are also a large number of really useful posts explaining lessons and concepts further.  Don't miss the timeline of scripts and the timeline of humans which are really amazing.

Teaching resources
  • The Book Depository has free worldwide shipping and lots of very reasonably priced books for homeschooling and Montessori.  
  • Montessori World has free video introductory courses covering sensorial/practical life and reading with lots of demonstrations as well as a huge selection of exercises and curriculum ideas for all subjects. The sensorial/practical life course consists of 23 presentations with each presentation lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to slightly over an hour.  These videos are a must watch for anyone new to Montessori.
  • Montessori at Home is a downloadable book packed with Montessori activities for preschoolers (from 2 to 7 years).  I bought this for nearly $8 and cannot believe what great value for money it is. UPDATE: There is now a free version available too.
  • Montessori Mom is a completely free and vast resource.  I have found a lot of useful information there although the many advertisements and layout is a bit frustrating.  Good for looking for new ideas.

  • LaPaz Home Learning. A truly inspirational blog with a huge variety of activities with a strong focus on nature and outdoors.
  • The Home Teacher is another great blog featuring lots of easy and low cost ideas for Montessori activities in the home. Lots to see. 
  • I can't even start to tell you about how good Chasing Cheerios is; you'll just have to take a look. 
  • Counting Coconuts is full of fabulously original and creative ideas for preschoolers.  I check this site every day!
  • My Montessori Journey is a great blog that is no longer updated but contains endless posts about Montessori activities in a classroom setting.  I see something new every time I look.

Art and craft projects
  • For those in the UK Free Range Education has a page full of links to resources such as chemistry equipment, weaving looms and fair trade craft projects (most deliver internationally as well).  Really useful if you are in Europe where it can be much harder than the UK to find suitable equipment for the practical life elements of Montessori within a sensible budget.  One site even sells "everything you need to turn a sheep into a jumper". 

That will just about do for now but click on the links button to be sure to see the up to date list as I add more to it.


  1. Hello!

    I 'm Marina, a mommy to two boys aged 1 and 3. I've read about cultural exchange and it has interested me a lot. I think my children would enjoy so much so I'm writting you to ask you how could we take part on this project. We are a family from Catalunya, Spain, and I think we have a lot to share. We follow attachment parenting, Montessori and Reggio Emilia educational methodology. Can we participate on the cultural exchange and know a lit bit about ourselves and our ways to raise our children? I also have a blog but it is written in Catalan, one of the languages of Spain, I think you won't understand it but you can take a look to the photos!

    Best regards,
    Marina (

  2. Hi Marina,
    I have sent you an email with information about how to participate in a cultural exchange.
    I would love to learn more about attachment parenting - can you recommend any books or places to start?
    Best wishes


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