Monday, 26 September 2011

Crochet baby blanket

I'm back!

I cannot even explain how brilliant the last week has been with little Henry.  He is a complete joy and we are all incredibly happy to be spending this wonderful time together.  Freddy has been an absolute star too and I don't even know why I thought I would have to work hard to teach him to share his Mama when his natural personality is so kind and caring; he just adores his little brother without a hint of jealousy.

But anyway, back to the important task of showing you what I did with that wonderful basket of wool........I made a baby blanket!  Boy am I happy with the results......what do you think?

The wool I used was bought from Buttnette in France and is a Merino Polyamide blend.  I bought one each of the 6 colours (2,50€ each) and used about half of each ball to create a metre square blanket using a 4mm crochet hook. 

I still can't quite believe that just a few weeks ago I had never even held a crochet needle and I have just made a blanket!  It's not going to win blanket of the year but I love the colours and simplicity of the design.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking for a fun beginner crochet project to have a go at this especially as the regular changes of colour prevent boredom from setting in and the use of crochet techniques means that you can achieve fast results.

If you want to have a go at making one of these blankets then I recommend watching the series of tutorials from Bethintx1 on YouTube.  You only need to follow lessons 1 to 3 in order to do this blanket as it's just a very big granny square.

Here is the tutorial.
You can learn about your tools here.
Learn about wool here.
Learn about how to hold your hook here.

I'm not sure where this will all end as I can feel a slight crochet obsession building up inside me.  I have also collected a load of tutorials on my Pinterest board that I would like to work my way through.

Any suggestions for the next project?


  1. Du är ju helt otrolig!!! När hann du med detta?

  2. Thanks Mia! Every time I breastfeed Henry I completed a few colours. I'm a bit disappointed it's finished as I have to find something else to do :)

  3. Du kanske kan virka en väska/kasse att ha blöjor och andra bebisaker när du ska iväg någonstans?

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! You make me want to learn to crochet!

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  5. Thank Pati,
    Go for it! This is the perfect first timer piece.


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