Monday, 12 September 2011

Gnomes in hats colour matching

The egg and egg cup colour matching game was such a big hit with Freddy (21 months) that I decided to make a variation of it to add to his special selection of toys for when I am feeding the baby.

I now really understand what it means to find exactly the right activity at the right time and colours is definitely a winner at the moment.  As well as that I think I mentioned in the learning about clothes post that Freddy really likes hats so with them incorporated too the game should be a crowd pleaser.

So here it is: the 'gnomes in hats colour matching game!'

These little gnomes are all dressed up and ready for a night out but with 6 of them and no arms in sight they need a little help putting on the right colour hat to match their outfits. 

To make them I bought a box of wooden people from Woodworks Craft Supplies in the UK.  I think they were about 30p each.  I also raided my felt stash for a selection of colours to make the hats with; I chose to add a few new colours rather than the traditional rainbow ones so that Freddy can learn them.

A simple semi circle of felt is needed for each hat but the size depends on the people used.

Just form the felt into a cone shape and sew or glue a seam (I chose to sew mine).  Here are the 6 little hats that I made.  If I had all of my craft things with me in England I would probably make a whole army of different colours but for a 21 month old I think 6 is a good number.

Check that they fit nicely on the head of the gnome-to-be.

Then just paint of decorate the wooden person as you like.  I used felt tip pens simply because it was quick but I think it would have looked better if painted.

I added a small tray so that Freddy can stand the little gnomes up on a flat surface wherever we are.

Finally I made a drawstring bag to hold the pieces in so that they could be added to Freddy's special toy case that I have been preparing.  Are you sick of the fabric yet?  I have made 4 of these bags so expect them to feature heavily over the next few weeks! :)


One last thought I should add is that it's a good idea to sew in a bead or something to give a bit of weight to the inside point of the hat.  Without it they can very easily be knocked off during the course of the activity which I think could be a little frustrating.

I am still trying to decide what to add to mine as my button collection is still in France but maybe even a dried pea would work well.  Also, I have had to fight the urge to put a little pom pom on the top of each hat because I don't have the time but how cute would that be??


  1. These little guys are adorable!! What a great matching activity!

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to introducing them to Freddy.
    By the way, I really like your site!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these little guys! And a fun activity, too.

  4. ooh I just commented on your egg cups and now I found this. I just ordered some wooden people. Now I have my first project. Thanks


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