Sunday, 4 September 2011

His own little kitchen cupboard

Whist we are in the kitchen playing with homemade fridge magnets how about a little peek into Freddy's very own kitchen cupboard?

In the cupboard he has everything he needs to get himself ready for dinner and he really enjoys carrying his glass and plate to the table before each meal.  Montessori would call this a 'prepared environment' but it is also just a little piece of extra independence for Freddy (20 months).

On the top shelf he has his bowls, glasses, jugs, small napkins and cutlery and on the bottom he has various tools that he uses for fun kitchen activities like slicing a banana with a crinkle cutter or whisking water in a bowel.

Sometimes he will take his clean things from the dishwasher and put them back in the cupboard but that's not such a common occurrence.  The best thing is that he knows that it's his cupboard which makes him feel like a big boy!

Here are the glass and jug in action - look at that concentration!


  1. Fint!

    Har visat din hemsida för ett par kompisar. De blev imponerade.

  2. Thanks Mia!
    this is what I was made for: not a 9 to 5 job!

  3. Where did you get the beautiful pitchers? I have 2 small pottery ones for my little boy but I love the ones you have.

  4. Hi Lindsay,
    The pitchers came from Auchan (a supermarket) in France. They have lots of small scale items but unfortunately I just checked and they are not available online. A good alternative I found was at Ikea.
    I have seen the pottery ones and think they are adorable but I definitely like the clear ones for being able to see the level of the contents in it.
    Best wishes


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