Sunday, 4 September 2011

Learning about clothes

This is a little fun idea that I have been wanting to try for a while especially as Freddy (20 months) is really starting to learn the names of items of clothing.

Basically it is a little magnetic boy with a selection of clothing allowing him to be dressed and undressed over and over again on the fridge.

This is how I made it:

I bought a sheet of self adhesive magnetic paper from a craft store here in France.  The one I bought cost €5,77 for two sheets from Tout a Creer.  

I then drew (rather amateurishly) a boy onto a piece of plain white paper along with various items of clothing.  I had to include a wooly hat even though it is summer because Freddy keeps putting things on his head and saying hat so I though he would appreciate it.  To help get the clothes the right size I used a different piece of plain paper and laid it over the body which was visible underneath.

Once I had drawn all of the items I cut them out leaving a border around the edge and checked that they would fit onto the magnetic sheet.

Next, I removed the white adhesive covering from the magnetic sheet and stuck each of the pieces of the game onto it.

Then it is just a matter of finishing the colouring and cutting out each piece before sticking to the fridge ready to be played with!

And here is the final version with one of the outfits stuck onto the little boy.

Overall I would say that this is a successful homemade plaything for Freddy (especially considering it took 10 minutes to make and he really enjoyed telling me what clothes to draw) but I have to say that I made the boy a bit too skinny and I don't think those arms will remain attached for too much longer.  Also, this version was made by using felt tip pens on the paper but after the hat went for a spin cycle in Freddy's mouth it became clear that either acrylic paints or some kind of sealing over the pens is needed.

One interesting thing is that Freddy just loves to carry the boy around and lay him on the floor face down and tell us that he is sleeping.  I think that this is because he is still so proud to be sleeping in his own bed now.

Oh and one big advantage with this game is that because it is on the fridge it keeps Freddy occupied for a while whilst I am cooking.

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