Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mama's little helper

Before starting to introduce Freddy (21 months) to Montessori practical life activities a knocked over jar of lentils would have just been a nuisance but now it's an opportunity to get out the little dustpan and brush for some sweeping practice!

Mind you, with a baby about to burst out of the mothership in just over a week I wouldn't have been able to get down there myself to sweep them up anyway.

The sweeping up set was from Absorbent Minds (one of my favourite shops at the moment) and it's just perfect for little hands. 

I have seen in Montessori schools that they use making tape on the floor to mark out a square to help the children learn to sweep into one place before using the dustpan so that's what I will do when I think Freddy is ready for it but until then I'll just let him practice: especially if it means I can stay standing up.

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