Monday, 19 September 2011

More adventures in sensory tubs

OK.  I admit it.  I have the bug.  These sensory tubs are fun to put together and really hit the spot with a toddler.  The last one I made was very basic but Freddy (21 months) enjoyed it immensely.  All was going so well until the sensory tub was used as a potty (yes it's true).  So the rice has been thrown out and I'm onto bigger and better things!

So here is the next tub freshly filled with rainbow rice!.  I found out how to make rainbow rice from My Name is Snickerdoodle (courtesy of Pinterest) but was very confused as to what rubbing alcohol was.  Thankfully a little google translation between American and English revealed that it is just surgical spirit...ahhhhh... is that what it is?!

I put some rice in a bowl, added a few teaspoons of surgical spirit and around 5 drops of food colouring.  I then mixed it all up and left to dry on kitchen roll......

But alas, it didn't work very well.  Perhaps surgical spirit is not exactly the same as rubbing alcohol?  Anyway it smelt really bad, I didn't want Freddy putting it near his mouth and it took forever to dry.

I then found an alternative method over at Momtastic that uses white vinegar instead of the rubbing alcohol.  I also decided to use the colouring pastes instead of liquid as I had heard that they give a more vibrant colour.  These are the ones I used; I think I bought them from Ebay a while ago for about £12 for 6 colours.

This method worked wonderfully and the rice dried within 10 minutes for each colour batch.  Plus the smell was much better than the awful surgical spirit.  I used white wine vinegar (which was all I had in the cupboard) so it smelt more like a Parisian Bistro than a hospital ward thank goodness.

And here is that precious moment just before the mixing began.  By the way for this tub I felt that there was no need to add anything more than the spoon as the colours were interesting enough and Freddy agreed wholeheartedly: in fact even the spoon was cast aside in favour of his hands.

Freddy definitely appears to prefer the 'full body' sensory experience and ended up in the tub again but there were no 'accidents' this time so the tub lives to see another day.


  1. Och i natt kan du sätta dig och sortera riset i färger igen! ;)

  2. Ha ha! No, from now on it's 'mixed' rainbow rice!


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