Thursday, 8 September 2011

Picking raspberries

Not much time to write about all the wonderful things we have been doing together as we have been busy packing our things for our trip to England tomorrow.  We are returning to England to have the baby so that my sister can deliver him (she is a trainee midwife in a wonderful non medical unit promoting natural childbirth).

So instead here are some lovely pictures of our raspberry picking session in Sweden.  Freddy is a berry fiend and just loves them all!

I can't remember what we did with these raspberries when we returned home but I think it was a simple pairing of berries and ice cream.  It might even have been the first time that he tasted ice cream (the non dairy variety of course).

It makes me so happy to look at his beautiful perfect skin in these photographs after more than a year of miserable eczema from his food allergies.

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