Friday, 16 September 2011

Preparing for the new arrival!

It's just 1.5 weeks now until a new little addition joins our growing family!  I am really excited and full of a wonderful feeling of confidence that was missing in the run up to the birth of my first child.  With the second everything just feels more natural, more normal and a fear of labour or birth has been replaced with a knowing feeling that my body knows exactly what to do; I just need to let it.

With Freddy I wanted a home water birth without intervention but a slow labour meant that I was whisked of to hospital by the attending midwife at the first opportunity.  Thankfully my sister and husband fended of the 'offers' of cesarean section, forceps and who knows what else and little Freddy was born after 24 hours.

Still I am confident this time, even if the baby stays in his back to back position, we will be fine.

Every day we talk to Freddy about his new little brother and his response is always to say "play" and "soon".  I have no doubt that the transition from single child to brother will go smoothly but I am still trying to do what I can in advance to make things easier.

So here is the special little case that I have put together for Freddy that will come out when I need to feed the baby.  It is full of things to do that hopefully can be done with minimal assistance from me.

The little suitcase is from Krabat in Sweden, isn't it gorgeous?

The contents include:
  • The wooden picture tiles that I made a few days ago (which can be used in many different ways such as storytelling or catagorisation games).
  • A colouring book and packet of super washable pens (in yet another one of my drawstring bags).
  • A few sheets of stickers.
  • A book.
  • His favourite toy car (I love it too and it was a gift from Farmor and Farfar).
This should keep him occupied for a while! Although having said that, I would be just as happy with the 3 of us cuddling up together and enjoying a simple story or singing session but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Update: Baby has turned! Houston we are cleared for take off!

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