Monday, 12 September 2011

Wooden picture tiles

Well we made it to England and now have just 2 weeks until our new arrival.  I found out that the baby is in a back to back position so I have been spending as much time on my hands and knees as possible to get him into the right position for the birth.

Another thing I am concentrating on, apart from scrubbing floors like a mad woman,  is preparing Freddy for the arrival of his brother as well as thinking about how to make our first few weeks together run as smoothly as possible.

So one thing that I decided to do is to put together a collection of activities that Freddy can do whilst I am feeding his brother:  a collection of special playthings that will only come out when it's time to nurse.  This, I hope, will reduce any frustration that Freddy may feel when having to share his Mama with a new baby.

This is the first of these activities.  A simple collection of pictures drawn onto sliced branches.  I saw these pieces used for an alphabet game once and I thought it was a lovely thing to make.

I took a selection of similar sized wooden slices and rubbed off any sharp edges with a fine grade sandpaper.

Then I just used felt tip pens to draw various pictures which are a mixture of things that Freddy likes to talk about, things that are new to him such as a windmill, and things that can be catagoried together such as transport, animals or food.

I'm not exactly sure how we will use the disks be it to tell a story, learn words or group things together but instead we will just see what Freddy wants to do with them at the time.

Finally, I rustled up a simple drawstring bag to keep them in.  For this I just used a scrap of fabric and an old shoe lace.

So simple but I have a feeling Freddy will like this.


  1. Oh, how I love this memory game! ;-) I will have to steel this idea some time in the future...
    Greetings from Montreal,

  2. How exciting that it's almost time for your new baby to arrive! Your wooden picture tiles are lovely ... it's wonderful that you're collecting playthings for nursing time! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  3. I love that you used slices of a branch for this! Beautiful!!

  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL & so clever!!!! WOW!! Very, very cool!
    I'd love for you to come link up at my Linky Party -

  5. Thanks Beth,
    I'm glad you stopped by as I found some interesting activities to try on your page :)
    I have linked up and added your button to my link party page.

  6. These are so beautiful,well done.Hope the baby is not breech any more. My second baby was also breech until late pregnancy.I also tried to turn him and it workeed. Good luck!


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