Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Seaside sunshine

We travelled back to England just in order to have the baby but we have found ourselves in no hurry to return to France.  Perhaps it's the lovely Indian summer that we are experiencing or perhaps we didn't realise how nice it is to be around family and friends when you have young children.

Our house in England is 5 minutes from a pebble beach so we spent a few hours in the sunshine as a newly expanded family.

Us Brits love a good pebble beach and what better food to eat than a good ol'fashioned jacket potato with cheese and baked beans......mmmmmm.

And what a beautiful sight to see our fabulous campervan  bathed in sunshine as we walked back.  One day I'll write a post about this van and why we love it so much :)

We borrowed a selection of shingle, pebbles, seaweed and shells to recreate our beach experience in our trusty sensory tub.  True to form Freddy (21 months) stripped off and got into the tub to fully recreate the feeling.

 Days like today are wonderful!


  1. Jag hoppas det är så fint väder när jag kommer och hälsar på. Har bara varit hos er i december då inte vädret alltid är så vackert.

  2. sorry Mia, the sun already appears to have left the building :(
    But it'll brighten up when you arrive.


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