Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Boys will be boys

This weekend we have had my brother and my husband's brother staying with us and when the three bros get together a little magic happens every time.  I was inside the house with Henry and I thought that they were all outside doing some tyre kicking but when I looked out of the window I saw them hatching a plan together and these were the pictures I took from the bedroom window.....

They had managed to put together a rope slide from an old IKEA high chair, a pulley and a length of rope.

Freddy didn't want to get out of the chair (it was never like that at dinner time) and he thoroughly enjoyed his outdoor fun with his uncles.

This is the kind of daredevil play that fathers naturally give their children, they teach them to take risks, be independent and create with their hands.


  1. Absolutely love it! This mother takes a lot of risks with her daughter too, but maybe because I'm aware I should rather than instinctually.
    What beautiful trees you have.


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