Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's Christmas day! (sort of)

Am I the first blogger to do my Christmas day post??? :)

My friend from Thailand (Wanita) is staying with us at the moment and coming from a Buddhist family she has never experienced a Christmas celebration. So...... today we celebrated Christmas!

When I married my husband (who is Swedish) I was thrilled to discover that Christmas had suddenly shifted forward a day from the 25th to the 24th December so I didn't need much persuasion at all to bring it forward by another 3 weeks I can tell you.

I gave Wanita a Christmas stocking that I made for her filled with lots of traditional goodies, such as a satsuma in the toe and chocolates as well as various crocheting paraphernalia befitting of my crocheting buddy.

Wanita gave me a stunning crochet bag that she just happened to whip up in a couple of days (seriously, this girl works fast).

And of course we enjoyed all of the food of a traditional English Christmas dinner.........

The only thing missing was the customary sitting on the sofa to watch the Queen's speech. But hey, you can't have everything :)

The really strange thing was that with a combination of 10 hours non stop Christmas music and the smell of mulled wine in the air all day it actually really felt like Christmas but without the anticlimax that always arrives when you realise it's a year until you can do it again.  I have to say that celebrating early might become a fixture in our home for many a year to come!

Of course for us this was an 'additional Christmas' and we will still be celebrating traditionally on the 24th but what a fun start to December this has been!

p.s Wanita has prepared a letter from Thailand that you can print and give to your children as part of the cultural exchange.  I'll be posting it shortly.

p.p.s The handmade Christmas series will continue tomorrow!

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