Monday, 14 November 2011

On our shelves

I thought I would show you what's on our shelves at the moment and explain a little bit about how we integrate Montessori inspired activities into our day.

Downstairs is our family living area and there Freddy (23 months) has what one might call 'normal' toys which he plays with however and whenever he wants.  Then we have a loft style room in the roof of our house that we have made into a sort of classroom.  I never really know what to call it but for now I call it a classroom.

I have already shown you some of the area that we use in this post but here I thought I would concentrate on the shelving.

I have a load of white IKEA furniture that I use to display a number of activities that I think will be interesting to Freddy depending on what he likes as well as some new concepts to challenge him.

The only 'rules' that I have up here are that only one thing can be played with at a time and that item must be cleared away before the next is taken off the shelf. Art materials (to the right of the picture) are always available (and used often).

I change the trays every week if they are not being used and keep the favourites on the shelves for longer.   The basket in the top right hand corner contains our much loved coloured eggs and the cotton-reel-in-pencil-pot activity is on the bottom.

Most of the items are related to shapes and colours which Freddy is really getting to grips with.  He has also started counting so I added one of the number games from my recent Montessori materials purchase.

New challenging additions are a jigsaw puzzle on the bottom shelf and an introduction to stringing beads/lacing on the right hand side in the middle.   These two are tricky for Freddy at the moment but he loves the jigsaw because it was a gift from Farmor and Farfar.

I have noticed quite a dramatic change in Freddy in the last few months with regards to these activities.  When he was 21 months old all he wanted to do was paint and use the other materials to kick around or throw downstairs (i.e. over the balcony rail).  Every now and then he would be interested in one of my activities but most of the time he was content with his cars and gross motor development outside.

Now though he understands that these things are little 'activities' for him to do and he is genuinely interested in finding out what each one can be used for.  Don't get me wrong though, if we come up here when he is tired he still wants to use everything as a football but he seems to have developed an incredible hunger to learn everything all of a sudden and I absolutely love being part of it.

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  1. We used to have the same wooden Swedish horse figurine, at my parents: I think it got broken.... We went to Sweden for summer holiday when I was about 7.


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