Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Handmade Christmas part 3: DIY doctor kit

I have already talked about the importance of pretend play for toddlers and it's role in reducing what us adults might refer to as antisocial behaviour (hitting, pushing and biting).

I decided to make a little doctors kit for Freddy (24 months) which has the benefit of encouraging pretend play and the development of empathy as well as being something that he is particularly interested at the moment (following several recent doctors visits).

Everything that I make for Freddy is quick to put together (10 minutes for this) and really easy but with a bit more time and patience dedicated to neatness of finish I think that this would make a wonderful little Christmas gift for a toddler girl or boy and it was very easy to do.

To start I took a canvas shopping bag.  You could make this just from fabric but using a bag makes the sewing process painless and quick.

Cut the bag following the lines below as a general guide. 

Cut out a large and small red cross from felt.  These will be used on the large and small bags.  The pieces cut from the bag will make two bandages and a small pouch to hold them.

To make each bandage I took the long strips of fabric and hemmed each edge roughly then sewed on a cotton make up remover pad to the middle of each.  If you don't have these you could use folded tissue or more fabric from the bag.


I sewed up the small pouch after adding the small red cross to the front.  Once finished I added a few other bits and pieces that we had at home such as plasters (band-aids) and some plastic syringes.

Next I sewed up the large bag after adding the large red cross to the front.  In this picture you can see the finished bandages which I coloured in with red pen to look like blood.  If I had had some Velcro I would have added this to the bandage ends (I still might do).


Finally I added a stethoscope that we bought for my husband to listen to the baby with when I was pregnant (it didn't work).

See how easy it is??  Freddy is going to love this.


  1. I love this idea! My little boy is just now starting to get into pretend play a lot more, so definitely need lots of ideas like this!

    Stopped by from TGIF.

  2. Oh my, this is so adorable! I have no sewing talent whatsoever but my mom does so I need to have her make this for my little girl. Visiting from the TGIF Linky Party--thanks for posting!

  3. Very cute and toddler friendly! I agree that imaginative play is very important. My kids love their doctor kit!

    Stopping by from TGIF!


  4. we have a kit of collected dr stuff and no place to put it, except for a wicker basket, that works just fine, but wouldn't it be cool if we made some of this stuff. it would breath new life into our dr supplies. visiting from living life intentionally link party

  5. What a good dress up set :-) visiting from TGIF

  6. This is sooooooooo cute!! I love the band-aids =-) very clever... your kiddo is going to love it! Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Merry Christmas,
    Beth =-)

  7. That is so wonderful! I would LOVE for you to come link this up in my new linky called Homescholing on the Cheap! It isn't just for people who homeschool but for ideas such as this that is cheap for kids to do and something with which they can learn & grow. This is perfect for the linky.

    It is new every Thursday but the link stays up all week. Hope you stop in and share!

    THanks, Kelli

  8. I have two little boys who would be totally into the "bloody" bandages! Hilarious!

  9. what a great idea and so cheap. thanks - i think a few friends toddlers might be getting these for christmas

  10. Love it! My toddler hates the doctor so maybe something like this would be good- will have to look out for a stethascope.

    He hates having his mouth looked in the most {literally takes 2 of us to hold him and 5 minutes before he opens up for the 2 secs the dr needs} yet loves having his ears checked.

    The bandages are so cute!

  11. I featured this in TGIF Linky Party #10 - - Thanks again for linking it up! So come on by, grab a featured button & link up whatever else you've been working on =-)

    Happy New Year!


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