Sunday, 11 December 2011

Happy Birthday Freddy!

My little boy is 2!

I'm not sure that Freddy understands the concept of age or birthdays but he sure understands that it's fun to blow out candles and eat cake!

We ate banana bread.... (my own recipe)

and rainbow kebabs...... (found on Pinterest)

and opened some lovely gifts from family and friends.

At first Freddy didn't know what to do with the packages, he didn't know that they contained gifts; a moment of innocence now lost forever.

We are so lucky to have Freddy in our lives.  Every day he teaches us how to be good parents and we will try our very best not to let him down.

Love you Lilla Gubben x


  1. Ni är otroligt lika på det första kortet i detta inlägg!

  2. I said the same thing Mia!
    And Henry now looks just like I did when I was a baby!
    Thank you so much for the gifts, Freddy loves them!. xxxx

  3. Oh! He looks like an angel!! Happy birthday! I love the rainbow kebabs, they are so in the Waldorf line...!


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