Friday, 2 December 2011

Potty training update

I have Selmada to thank for this post as she asked for an update on our progress in the comments of my last post on potty training.

We have some days when Freddy (23 months) will use the potty without being prompted and other days when he won't go anywhere near it.  We have done nothing to 'push' him to use the potty but if he is wearing nappies (that's diapers for you American folks) he is much less likely to care about using the potty.  For that reason we try to keep him either in his 'big boy pants' or naked as much as possible, that way if he does have an accident he knows instantly rather than just waiting until his nappy is dragging along the floor between his legs before making a fuss.

If he wees on the floor we ask him to help us clean it up (which he does happily) and we never tell him off.  We just say "oh next time perhaps you might want to use the potty?"

In a bid to add a more 'fun' dimension to potty training my mum gave us a potty that plays a fan fare every time it is used.

Don't let the good ideaness of this product fool you though as it took Freddy 2 minutes to realise that if he held his hand over the sensor he could simulate it being used and get a fanfare for nothing.  Then when he realised that there were batteries inside he spent the next few days trying to open the back with a screwdriver which led to the construction of the 'toddler workbench' (see me observing and following the child?).

I have made a few additional interesting observations that I thought I would share in case they are useful:
  • I have seen him using the potty a few times standing up and weeing into it.  He seems to think that this is really good fun.
  • If we have guests that he wants to 'impress' he will immediately sit on the potty and declare that he has weed.
  • It's been really good incorporating a sit on the potty into the bedtime routine so that he can try to empty his bladder before sleeping.  When he does this we often don't have to change him in the night.
  • Having easy access to his 'big boy pants' has made him quite pleased to get them from the drawer and wear them.
  • Consistency is definitely the key to success but over-the-top praise each time he uses the potty doesn't help him to want to use it himself if we are not immediately there.
  • Allowing him to flush his wee down the toilet is a really good reward for using his potty.
  • Don't keep a book next to the potty which shows a boy putting a potty on his head.

So that's where we are, just taking it day by day.  Perhaps if I didn't have a 2 month old to look after I would be able to spend more time ushering Freddy to the potty but he's a clever little boy and I have no doubt that he will just do it when he is ready.

Does anyone else have any tips we could try?

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  1. No tips I'm afraid! We're more or less in exactly the same place with B (20 months). I follow the same method, i.e no method at all really. No praise or punishment. Just focus on how she might feel after using the nappy "oh you must be happy to have weed in the potty" etc). Slowly but surely she's getting there. It definitely helps to keep her out of nappies in the house, although I don't always do this I must admit.


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