Friday, 2 December 2011

Toddler art class

One of my little dreams has always been to teach art and crafts and now that I have a toddler it's the perfect opportunity to start up a toddler art class.

My group takes place once a week for a few hours and it is just an opportunity for young children to experiment with art materials.

How many times have you seen a child happily painting or creating a piece of art and then just suddenly losing interest and walking away?  This is just natural and demonstrates that for young children the end product of a project is never as important as the process of getting there.  With this in mind the best thing that you can give to children for an art experience is an environment that is well prepared for them. 

So here is what I set up for my mini art class.....  paints, glue, chunky brushes, googly eyes, wooden tree shapes and nothing delicate in reach.  I set up this at night ready for the morning.

But when Freddy got up at 6.30am he couldn't wait to get started and immediately poured his own paint.....

The class went really well and all of the little children seemed to be really interested in the materials.  In fact, I had to photograph this tree that was decorated by a 3.5 year old girl, I just found it extremely beautiful.

Here are some of my tips to set up a successful art activity.
  1. Plan ahead and decide what craft you will be doing so that you have all the materials
  2. Buy your supplies from a school supplies site as they are usually much cheaper because the quantity is larger.
  3. Ask participants to make a small weekly contribution to the cost of the materials.
  4. Taylor the activities to upcoming festivals such as Easter or Christmas etc.
  5. Relax and accept that you will have to do some cleaning afterwards.
  6. Don't direct the children too much and don't be surprised if there is no finished product.
Why don't you have a go at starting up a local group?  It's easy, fun and the children love it.

This was the scene after our class - not bad at all for a morning's creativity.


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