Thursday, 12 January 2012

Baby's first disco (and bringing things to the mouth)

Those disco lights that we installed really are getting a lot of use [read cannot be switched off], but even if we are growing a bit weary of the non stop dance hall that is our living room at east someone still finds them delightful.

I have fashioned a kind of sofa bed/boat for Henry (15 weeks) to be in (which I will show you later) so that he can look at his mobiles or play without the risk of him being run over by a tractor or bicycle.  Said boat is right under the disco ball too so Henry enjoys a bit of a boogie now and then.

And of course at around 15 weeks babies really start to intentionally move things to their mouth for a quick taste or to relieve the first pains of teething.  Henry has definitely started to teeth and a wooden ring tied to a piece of muslin is a fun plaything but functional too:  the ring doesn't get lost and he kicks the fabric around with his feet.


1 comment:

  1. Baby is just too adorable at everything he does. He is so cuddly.


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