Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crochet obsession + Swedish family = Viking hat!

What else could you possibly want to make for a Swedish family member other than a crochet viking helmet?
Armed only with this pattern, a crochet term decoder, a few balls of wool and a trigger happy crochet hand I set to work immediately but it wasn't until about half way through the project that the penny dropped about why these pattern writers always tell you what yarn to buy. I'll admit it here that it turned out slightly larger than anticipated (which resulted in somewhat droopy horns) but hey, it adds to the charm.
I think it's new owner (my brother in law) must really love the hat especially as this picture turned up on facebook....
 Maybe the Swedes get tired of the constant comparisons with the vikings but I know I never will :).


  1. Fantastic! Will be sending yarn to crocheting MIL to make them at once!!

    1. Good luck to the MIL and hope you love them!

  2. This is cute. I would make it a baby hat if I had the pattern! =)

  3. looking for this for newborn baby do you have a pattern I can use? thanks


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