Friday, 6 January 2012

Julgransplundring (the plundering of the tree)

It's almost time to stop talking about Christmas and New Year celebrations but just before I do I thought that I would share something fun that we did during our 3 day New Year disco party.

This year I have especially liked the fact that as a family we are now consciously 'making traditions' for the future.  I have such happy memories as a child of opening up the box filled with our Christmas tree decorations and seeing the same familiar items year after year  without fail.  That's why I am so happy that we have now officially started our 'family Christmas decorations storage box' (mmmmm storage....). 

But even better than that is that we are shaping what the festive period will be like for our children in years to come;  adding a few Swedish traditions here and there with a sprinkling on English ones too.

So here is one of those such traditions - the Julgransplundring or the 'plundering of the tree'.

Here are Farmor, Farfar, Henry and Roly enjoying the last few moments of tree side seating.

The action starts with the moving of the Christmas tree into the centre of the room (we had ours in a bucket with wheels so it was quite easy).

Then everyone sings and dances around the tree in what looks like a cross between a rain dance and a gig.

Next the tree is dragged out of the house and into the garden.

Where it is set on fire.

Normally this Swedish tradition would take place on the 13th January: one month after the start of advent but we chose to do it whilst we have all the family with us.

Goodbye tree.  It was fun.

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