Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nap time with a toddler and a baby

I feel like we are making great progress on the nap time front.  At 24 months I know that many toddlers no longer need an afternoon nap - not so for Freddy.  He really needs to sleep for an hour at around lunchtime otherwise he is very whingy and upset in the afternoon and overtired in the evening.

A while ago now I wrote about how to start a routine with a toddler and I have to say it has worked wonders for us.  We are now at a stage where Freddy knows what his normal daily routine feels like and he falls asleep on his own (with one of us next to him) at around 7pm every evening.

Although I still have to breastfeed Freddy to sleep for his afternoon nap I have realised that I have spent so much time thinking 'how do you wean a toddler from the breast?' that I should have just gone with the flow and trusted that things would just work out like they always do :)

We seem to have found ourselves a lovely rhythm whereby I feed Henry to sleep and then Freddy and they lie next to each other sleeping for an hour (and sometimes a bit longer).

Just the sight of my two babies lying next to each other fills me with happiness.


  1. Our 24 month old daughter, Eva, is showing signs of being right in the middle of this nap need. Her routine is also pretty solid so at nap time she never hesitates, she goes right down but in the last few weeks she's struggled at night to get to bed. She'll just chirp away in her room for half an hour to 2 hours. I've been telling myself that it's probably because her brother was just born a few weeks ago but I did toy with the idea that she needs to go without a nap. I skipped it a couple weeks ago only to have her crash around 6pm (usually her bedtime is 7pm) and then she woke 2 hours later. I think her body thought she had just taken her nap. She's also started to wake crying from her nap. That's very unlike her, she very consistently wakes laughing and full of spirit. I think her body chemistry is going through a change and her nap needs are unsettled.


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