Monday, 16 January 2012

Note to self: don't wash wool

I may only be a beginner crocheter but I was extremely pleased with my first effort of a baby blanket made for Henry in those last few weeks of pregnancy.  In fact, Henry's early arrival was perfect except for the fact that the blanket had not been finished and hence was not available for baby photos (of course it wasn't really that much of a big deal).

Anyway.  All thoughts that I had about this blanket becoming a new family heirloom passed from generation to generation were cruelly and prematurely snatched from me this morning when I spotted it hanging from a drying rack somewhat smaller than I remember it.

It went from being wrap-up-your-baby size to stand-a-pot-plant-on-it size in just 45 minutes.

To say I am upset is perhaps an overstatement but inside I'm crying  a little bit.


  1. Awww that is gutting, after all that work! I'd shed a little tear too!

  2. Reframe how you think about it. Now it's a portable lovey made by mama.

    I've been knitting for a while now and reframing has kept me from shedding quite a few tears over the years.

    For future blankets cotton and super wash wool are the bets for natural fibers. Acrylic or acrylic blend are great if you're ok with synthetics.

  3. I like the reframing piece of advice from NewLeaf. Something similar happened to me with a painting I was doing. In the end, I decided to title it "unfinished" and it is a lovely picture for its title.

  4. You know, it really worked! Thank you!
    It is now a cushion cover and a very nice one at that!
    The unfinished painting is a great idea too; I wonder if I can apply it to craft projects?
    Thank you all for visiting.
    Rachael x

  5. What a lovely blanket. I myself have just recently started learning how to crochet, I'll have to try and remember not to wash any of the woollen items that I make! :)

    1. Oooh what are you going to make? My one bit of advise is to know that there are different terms for English or American crochet. Without this little nugget of information your finished piece will not be 'quite right'.


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