Monday, 30 January 2012

Stickers and stamping

This week we had our first taste of what it's like to have all family members sick at the same time.  It wasn't anything serious,  just a mild cold I think but when no one is sleeping because of sore throats and fevers it can really be difficult to rest properly.

Suffice to say that we had a need for lots of easy, relatively quiet and relatively stationary activities for Freddy (25 months) to do.
First we have a simple sticker activity.  This is a great work to develop fine motor skills as you peel the sticker backing paper and apply them to the paper.

I didn't say how or in what way Freddy should do this but I found it really interesting that he didn't stick them side by side but instead decided to group them by colour.  

This is a pattern that we are seeing with him regularly now (remember the post on lining up cars?), and everything must be really well ordered and grouped for him to be happy.

This is really fiddly work for little hands and I was really surprised at how well it worked.  It's now our favourite activity (for the moment anyway).

That was 10 minutes used up so then we had to find something else to do....

Did you know that I love rubber stamping?  Well yes I do.  In fact here we have an activity that I have been planning for about 25 months now!  I made a leaf stamp from an eraser and drew a bare tree onto paper.

It's juts a question of stamping leaves onto the winter trees.

Freddy was very careful to only add them to branches and not the trunk;  we can't have that now can we :)

If I'm honest I was hoping that the introduction to rubber stamping would have Freddy begging for more stamps and stamping opportunities but sadly he hasn't :(  I'm not giving up yet though!! - Expect much more stamping fun (even if it s just me).

That was it for me, I was too sick to sit on the floor so I retired to the sofa to just watch from a distance.  And what did I see?  Freddy took out the light green pens from his green pen holder (leaving a dark green pen behind), he seemed to not like the fact that there were two different shades of green in the one holder......I feel an idea coming on for some more fun colour activities!

How do you introduce shades of colours to your toddlers?


  1. Some lovely ideas, I know that my son would love the stamping leaves onto the tree. We've not really worked on shades of colours, I wonder if you could try some colour mixing, maybe with paint or coloured water, maybe adding a little bit of white paint to a colour at a time to make it lighter.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I love the idea of mixing paints but I think Freddy would just try to mix all of the colours together immediately - but perhaps I could try one colour at a time....hmmm thanks!
      I also thought afterwards that stamping a wheel onto a car would have appealed to him a lot more than the leaf onto a tree. I'll try it tomorrow and see if he likes it.

  2. Hi Rachael,

    my son LOVES stamps, and for that reason I buy him (actually for all "my" 6 little ones from the childcare) some small seasonal stamps (Dollarama). It is so much fun for them! And for me, hehe... ;-) A lively activity for $1.

    As for your other question, I love painting with 2 or 3 shades at a time. For Valentines, we did a nice heart painting with with and red only. It is amazing to realize that every child work his/her way trough the shades in another way. Some did just a few brushes, some colored the whole paper rose, some even colored themselfs! :-) So much fun! I will post about this activity in a few days.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Monika!
      Great ideas! I often find myself getting every single paint colour out when we do painting and I realise it just isn't necessary.
      Looking forward to your post :)


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