Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ch ch ch ch changes

How can so much change in just one week?

Freddy (25 months) appears to have changed in so many ways in such a short period of time.  I remember the transition from baby to toddler seemed to happen overnight too at around 15 months but this time the transformation seems to be from a toddler to an independent little boy carving out his place in our family routines.
One week ago the potty wasn't really seeing much action, there were accidents daily and suggesting
that Freddy 'might want to try to sit on it?' never ended well.  We weren't bothered.  After all, we had decided to just follow his lead - and lead he did!  He suddenly started standing on a step in front of the toilet and standing to pee!  Now the potty gets used like clockwork for the 'serious business' and the toilet for everything else.

Along with this huge leap of independence came a sudden ability to tell us what he 'likes' and 'dislikes'.  Of course in the past we have been able to make pretty accurate guesses; he appears to like lining things up or it seems that he isn't too fond of marmalade (shame because we made a huge batch recently).  But now we know for sure.  This is the current list:

Freddy likes
  • trains
  • Sean (a local boy he just met)
  • pears
    Freddy no like
    • mushrooms
    • toy train derailments
    • mama wearing jumpers (he is really serious about this and it was tough on me when I was sick last week)
    Freddy loves.......mama?!  I see.

    He also asked his first question; he asked if birds have thumbs?  What an amazing first question!
    A week ago he couldn't ride a scooter thing (I'm not sure the real name for them) but now he scoots around the house like it's the most natural thing in the world.

    Another little milestone is that he took his first photograph today!  Of course it makes sense that it would be a photo of a vehicle and not a family member but it's sweet nonetheless.  By the way, am I the only mother that peels the logo stickers off vehicles like this so that they don't 'advertise' to my son? 

    All this in just a week - it just shows how precious time is.


    1. That is great about the potty training! We have not started with Noah yet because I am worried that I would struggle on the international flights coming up trying to get him and S into the tiny cubicle plus we move into our new house as soon as we get back to Japan so the aim is to start then! we have a potty and I left it out for a week 4-5 months ago but he hated even sitting on it with his clothes on or clothes off so we put it away.

      1. Yes I can completely understand your rationale!
        We definitely had the don't-want-to-be-anywhere-near-it phase but it did seem that the moment that we really forgot about it completely was the moment it happened. In the end it was being able to copy papa that was the hook for Freddy.
        Good luck for when you start and don't forget to buy lots of 'big boy pants'.


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