Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cultural Exchange update

Time for another update on the Cultural Exchange!

But first a bit about this photo.  This was my Christmas present from my brother: a flag representing the birthplaces of my mother, father, husband, grandmother, and I (and to think that he got a pair of slippers from me!).  There is also a flag for Thailand as my husband's brother is living there at the moment.  But my dear brother you forgot the Welsh flag for our grandfather didn't you?  We are an international bunch aren't we?

The European Union flag is also just creeping into the left of the picture.  Do you recognise the others?

So I hope now you can see why I enjoy these exchanges so much as a way to learn about all the lovely different cultures out there.

On to the update...

Right now another 36 groups have started an exchange with each other meaning that around 750 packages will be criss crossing around the globe over the next few months!

I'm still experimenting with different ways or organising the exchange to make it as easy and pain free as possible, so you may have noticed the following changes since we started out:
  1. Previously there were two forms to fill in; one for the initial registration and another to collect more detailed information.  Now there is just one form which can be found here.
  2. I have created two new pages on this site:  one for an overview of packages that have been sent and another with a list of frequently asked questions about the exchange.
  3. My Facebook page is a place for participants to connect with each other and I add updates about the next planned starting date of an exchange.
If you have sent me your detailed information but have not been allocated a group please don't panic.  I still have a few more groups to add in the next couple of days.


  1. OH my gosh I love these exchanges - infact I was blessed to be part of one - now it's my turn to pass on some gifts. You should come by if you want one!

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