Friday, 17 February 2012

Wooden musical mobile

Henry loves watching and playing with mobiles which is extremely helpful as I LOVE making them!  But I cannot talk about mobiles without showing one of Henry's favourites (which I bought from Michael Olaf).

This photo was taken when Henry was about 14 weeks old.  Back then I used to put him up on a bean bag on the dining room table for some serious grasping practice (putting him up there stopped him from being run over by Freddy and his many vehicles). 

The mobile consists of 4 wooden flutes with a round bead that bangs against them like a wind chime would.  The wooden ring is so easy to grasp and bat at and the sound that the mobile makes is beautifully gentle on the ears even when it is being bashed about vigorously. 

From around 15 weeks old Henry really seemed to understand that he was creating the sounds.

Fast forward to now and Henry is 4.5 months old but he still adores this mobile (although the days of being able to be perched on the dining room table are long behind us!). 

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  1. I have got to get one of those mobiles. Our son, Walter, is 6 weeks old and he's already hitting his mobiles. Our daughter didn't have this kind of hand-eye coordination as early on as Walter so it stands out to me.


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