Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Happy half birthday Henry!

6 months old!

What better excuse could there be for cracking open a freshly pressed shirt and dickie bow tie?
When I was pregnant with Henry I used to think about how our family would change with another child; I wondered if it would be difficult to manage with a baby and an energetic toddler.  But Henry has been so relaxed, so happy and so content that we often find ourselves speechless and unable to describe just how smooth a transition it has been welcoming him into our family (although we are still struggling with some jealousy on the toddler front).

 Happy half birthday Lila Plutten!


  1. Grattis Henry. Så stor och fin du ser ut på bilderna. Många pussar och kramar! Faster

  2. Happy half birthday Henry!!
    You look gorgeous and happy in your little red tie and your smily face

  3. My husband and I got a great chuckle from your adorable son's photos. <3 What a sweetheart. I'm so appreciative of your blog because our 2 are similar ages as your 2, I feel so encouraged to read how you are doing all this and applying Montessori touches in your home too. Thank you for sharing.


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