Friday, 2 March 2012

Trip to the dentist

Today we took Freddy to the dentist for a check up.

Now, Freddy (26 months) is no stranger to dentists.  He chipped a tooth in Thailand, had it repaired in Paris, chipped it again in Sweden and then back here to Paris to have it fixed again so you can imagine that this isn't his favourite place in the world.
This particular dentist specialises in children only but no amount of toys in the 'salle d'attente' could hide the fact that we were in a dental practice.
The whole place is carefully designed so that no matter where a child is looking there is a TV screen showing cartoons just in front of them which has an instant hypnotising affect on both Freddy and Henry (we don't watch TV at home) - can you see their eyes?
But don't let the hearts on the dentist's shirt fool you.  If you look closely in the picture below (ignoring the fact that I look like I am wearing a blanket) you might notice that there is a shelf full of stuffed animals behind me.  I thought they were cute until I realised that they are all sporting full sets of teeth like those ones that you wind up and they walk across the table wobbling left and right as they go - scary.
The result? No cavities (phew) but we've got to brush better (which is easier said than done with a 2 year old).

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  1. That's a pleasant surprise. Kids that age are often terrified of the dentist. I guess all the toys were enough of a distraction.

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