Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The Swedes are a lovely bunch and I never tire of learning about the many folk stories, superstitions and funny sayings that originate from Sweden.

One such example is the word 'Kuckelura'.

In a country that is almost the same size as California but with less than a third of the population there is plenty of space for everyone and in the north of Sweden some people live very isolated lives indeed - perhaps not seeing anyone else for months at a time.  All of this is no problem for the average Swede though as one of their favourite pastimes is 'Kuckelura-ing'.

Essentially it means to spend time by oneself in quite thoughtful contemplation or perhaps hatching some sort of grand plan.  

If you know a Swede you might say that they are reserved or perhaps quiet - there have certainly been many times in our house when I have realised that I have been having a 'conversation' with myself for hours on end whilst my husband's is blissfully unaware of my jibber jabbering!

But back to the point.  I have noticed that Freddy's Swedish streak is really coming out now and I have caught a number of these Kuckelura sessions recently.....
I wonder what he thinks about?

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