Sunday, 1 April 2012


This was Henry (6.5 months) the other day playing with a tray.  That tray kept him occupied for nearly 10 minutes, but as its charm was fading I felt the need to put something on it and see if I could eek out enough playtime so that I might be able to empty the dishwasher.
So I covered it in lovely wooden eggs that would wobble around the tray.
That was fine and I indeed had enough time to empty the dishwasher.  Then, when I returned, I found that the tray had gone and instead Henry was chasing the eggs around the floor.

It wasn't far but he was crawling! 

Going backwards is slow, going forwards is slower but he is actually mobile!
And after that it was indeed FIKA DAX! (which is the Swedish equivalent of 'tine for a cuppa!').

[I'm still not exactly sure where the tray went]

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