Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Peppa Pig (seriously)

We recently returned from a trip to the UK and who did we happen to meet in the English countryside??? Peppa Pig and her buddy George, that's who! 
It seems that we have been away from England for too long and I have become out of touch with popular culture because Peppa Pig is a bit of a celebrity and there are thousands, if not millions, of children who wake up each morning to watch the adventures of Peppa and her friends.

Well I didn't get the memo (perhaps because we don't watch television) but believe me there were a lot of fans who did because whilst we were looking for some sping lambs to coo over there was a line of children 3 deep all wanting to kiss and hug this pig at our local children's farm in south East England.

It really got me thinking about children and advertising and what is appropriate or not.  Did you know that on average a child will see around 3000 brands and logos in just one day??? All of these companies vying for the attention of my dear sweet little innocent boy, all hoping to make a consumer of him.  And then there is me desperately trying to shield him from it. 

But anyway, later that day we went to Sainsbury's to do some food shopping. Normally a stroll down the toy aisle is not too much trouble but this time Freddy found some Peppa Pig merchandise!
And then there it was again but this time in the magazine aisle.
I was just about to redirect his attention to the contents of the trolley but then I saw all the gossip magazines...... and they got me....
Perhaps one of the things you miss the most in another country are those things that you take for granted while you are there.  Us Brits are really into our magazines and weekly publications.    You can get magazines dedicated to almost anything - see the Earthmovers Weekly?  Must try to keep that one out of Freddy's sight.
Have I made any sense at all with this post?  Can you see how I totally got sucked in? Oh well.

Oh and don't you just love looking at pictures inside supermarkets from other countries? :)


  1. We love Peppa Pig here!! I have watched a lot of cartoon and Peppa Pig is different. It is very relaxing and calm. It's not dumb like "In the night garden" (more like "in the crack garden"... ;-). It always promotes nice values and it's really made for the little ones. Our son TJ loves watching it. It just went crazy when he saw the picture above, saying "Peppa Piggggg". xx Mymy

    1. Haha! you rock!
      OK, I admit that I should have actually watched an episode at least once before trying to quash Freddy's new found love! I don't know about 'in the night garden' either but I sure do want to take a look at that too now :)
      Actually the promotion of nice values is what I often think of as missing from all television so if it does then I might also be a fan. And oops about George lol xx

      Oh, does TJ know that there is a Peppa Pig world in the UK?

  2. By the way, George is Peppa's little brother, not his buddy xx :-)

  3. I've managed to avoid Peppa Pig too, although not In the Night Garden. It does turn my stomach though, all the marketing and merchandising to kids. I don't think it is harmless. I'm a sucker myself for magazines (hence my love of blogs, which are similar I think). I know what you mean about the magazines for specialist interests - in a small town newsagent locally I saw 3, yes 3, magazines specifically devoted to CARP fishing. Not just any ole fishing. Fecking. Carp. Seriously.

    1. hahaha! My husband finds it extremely funny to point out these English eccentricities and I always say "isn't it like that in Sweden?". He also pointed out that we collect pretty much anything which I can't deny :)

  4. There's a competition over on at the moment where you can win a family ticket to Peppa Pig World. Thought you and your readers may be interested to know!

    They also have loads of fun Peppa Pig iPhone apps on their website!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Michelle!


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