Monday, 9 April 2012

Scooter sorting

Thank you to Charissa and Crafty Elsie who, in the comments of my last colour sorting post,  gave me the inspiration for this (and other) activities for Freddy (27 months).

You see Freddy seems to be in the middle of a very active phase of development spending hours every day just running, jumping, scooting and any combination of three together - so sitting still is becoming harder and harder for him.

Therefore, this activity is a direct appeal to his energetic self........
Scooter sorting is just like any other sorting 'game' except that it involves a short scooter ride in between each item being sorted:

I used the water table that hubby made and took out the metal bowls.  I replaced them with paper cut into streamers for a bit of fun.  Then I just placed two boxes under each 'chute' and used my laminated animal pictures to show which animal went in which hole.
I chose cows and horses because for some reason we have loads of them and I didn't want the game ending prematurely in order to restock the animals.

So, with a bucket of animals on one side of the room and the animal sorting station at the other the scooter was used to ride between the two with one animal at a time which was then deposited in the correct hole.
Simple, fun, energy sapping and great entertainment for Henry (6.5 months) who was able to watch the constant to-ing and fro-ing before his very eyes.

Any other ideas for toddlers that don't like to stand still?

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  1. I had to pop over when I saw the post title in my blog list. What a great game. I shared this on my blog (, especially so I can keep it in my to do list.

  2. A wonderfully mad fun, yet useful, game!

    1. Hi Rach!
      There have been a few slight injuries but it's a keeper!

  3. Great idea for sorting with an active toddler! I love that your creative activity is based on your son's needs and interests. Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  4. Amazing idea! My 31 month old boy is extremelly active and throwing stuff everywhere... But I don't really have any place in the flat to do a similar activity :(


  5. Great idea and funny about your collection of horses and cows. :) I'm in a similar boat with Myrtille. My daughter, Eva, is going through a throwing stuff all about phase too. :( She has spurts of concentration on meaningful work though so it's all good.


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