Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Baby's first treasure basket

We are all about treasure baskets with Henry (7 months) and I thought I would share with you the very first one that I put together for him.
The contents include a knitted ball, puzzle ball, various rings, eggs, egg cups, a suede cloth a satin ribbon, a pair of socks, interlocking disks, shaker, wooden pot, wicker ball, wooden cube and a crochet toy.  All items chosen to be safe for a 6 month old as well as being interesting and texturally different.
But the thing that I wanted to share is that instead of putting the items in a basket, as is traditionally the case with these treasure baskets,  I used a soft, unstructured storage basket bought from IKEA (it was in a set of 3 from the bathroom section).  This means that for babies who might wobble and topple a little whilst exploring the contents of the basket they won't fall onto any hard wicker edges which can be a concern when first presenting them.
Of course this stage doesn't last for long and before you know it the baby is sitting confidently and able to really rummage around other containers but this worked wonderfully for us during that first month of sitting.
It's really lovely when you notice that there are some favourite appearing from the mixture of goodies.  For Henry at the moment it s the wooden ring with jingle bells and the interlocking disks (how cool that he chose two items that I made!).


  1. Great idea re the soft basket, I used to take the objects out of the basket.
    Lots of sensory exoeriecnse in there and yeh to Henry for picking mummy's made items.

    1. Hi Crafty Elsie, I must be really tired because I didn't even think about taking them out of the basket in the first place :)

  2. I've had my eye on these baskets to for the very same use but it's been too high in price for us to justify. I used wicker baskets and even lucked out and found some beautiful kinds at the thrift shop but then our daughter ruined many of them. I keep looking at etsy for knit bowls/baskets. I also keep wishing I could just get my knitting supplies out and whip some up but it's all I could do to wind up and felt 4 wool drier balls last week.


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