Thursday, 3 May 2012

Doctors, doctors and more doctors

I feel like I've been sick with some sort of illness on and off for months now.  I never get sick and I rarely visit doctors but I've been to so many of late that I have even started photographing my favourite waiting rooms in order to share them on my blog.

If there's one thing that works extremely efficiently in France it's the healthcare system.  Coming from England, where you have to beg your doctor to 'allow' you to see a specialist, it's somewhat unbelievable that you can just pick up the phone and make an appointment with whomever you want here.

Waiting lists are pretty much non existent and if you just feel like having your blood analised for signs of infection just for the hell of it then you can just drop in,  give a sample and get your results the next day.  I really can't speak highly enough of the system here.

But back to the waiting rooms.
I've been to this doctor's waiting room twice now and the first time I went I couldn't stop imagining that I had somehow been transported to the hotel in the film The Shining.
Yes, the beautiful patterned carpet is also on the walls.
Yes, the reception desk is made from plastic tiles shaped and coloured to look like wood.
And yes, the orange leather chairs highlight what is for all intents and purposes an autumn palette of mixed textures.
 This hasn't been designed as a retro fabulous kind of arty statement.  No.  This is origional. 
I would copy this style in an instant for the living room of our home if it wasn't so impractical to live with (my days of carpeted living are right behind me thank you).

Next time I come here I'll wear gold lamé trousers and see if I can get a photo of me for the blog.

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  1. Ha! I bet you will:) hehe. I love the sound of their health care system.


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