Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Funky Swedish stamps

Is it just me or are these the cutest stamps you have ever seen?
The stamps, from Sweden, came on an estate agent's letter and I have to say that I like their style.

Things are settling down a bit here now and I'm just trying to catch up with things.  I never feel bad about not posting everyday because this blog is for my family and not instead of them but I do feel bad when I don't reply to your comments, especially after you take the time to post them. 

We will have a post very soon from a lovely trained Montessori teacher so please leave a question for her in the comments for her to answer.  I have quite a collection now and some themes are emerging (especially discipline!) but ask away and I'm sure Charissa will do her best to answer as many as possible.


  1. Those stamps are lovely! Do you collect them?

    1. Hi Fred,
      I do have a collection which was handed down to me by a relative when I was a child but I haven't collected any myself. I've seen many people now have stamp collecting blogs where people can upload pictures of stamps from their country which I think is a lovely idea.

    2. I do not collect stamps myself but my father-in-law does, hence my question. If you do not keep them and find nobody who wants them I'd ask for them ;)
      Stamp collecting blog sounds good though!

    3. I'll happily send them to you!
      Just send me your address via the contact form in the top menu (or your father in law if you prefer) and I'll get them in the post.
      I hope he will find them just as delightful :)


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