Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Thank you for your support

Thank you for all the warm wishes that I have been receiving since setting my new site with Deb and Mymy!

To give back a little love and in the spirit of culture swaps we are introducing our first giveaway! Oh and we will post it to anywhere in the world :)

Each month we will have a competition/giveaway with a different theme and there will be lots of ways to take part so keep your eye out for them.

This month's theme is the United Kingdom.

The lucky person chosen at random from all entries will receive this wonderful little mini culture swap package with some goodies representing the UK.
The package includes 3 die cast metal models (a London bus, a telephone box and the clock tower from Westminster (Big Ben) as well as a Union Jack notebook and pencil.
Find out how to enter here (it's really easy).

Normal service will now be resumed on the Little Red Farm but I'll be sure to post about some of the great packages that I received over the last few months. Including one of my favourite packages EVER from Japan.


  1. Congratulations on the new site. I am a liker on fb so will definitely keep up that way.

    I am working on a post with out packages too- I received our last one today actually! My photography skills are lacking though and I am not sure I will do the justice they deserve.

    Look forward to the post about your Japan package :D

    Noah had a blast the other day using the animal sticker book that you sent! He was not interested in putting then into the book so I gave him a large piece of white paper and he went wild. I gave a couple to Shion to explore as well...he ended up eating them. Oh well!

    1. Thanks so much Lulu!
      Henry loves eating stickers too!
      We were in the middle of such a crazy time as a family that I don't really think I conveyed to you just how wonderful the things that you sent were. We use something from the package every single day be it the food pics or stamps or tape - we seriously LOVE everything. That's what made it so difficult to photograph because I had to go around the house collecting all the bits together lol
      It's funny that Noah just wants to stick the stickers on paper and not in the book because Freddy is like that too.

  2. As I am getting ready to send out our package from Tokyo, I would love to hear about the best EVER package as well...

    1. Sorry for the delay Pritham, I'll be posting about it tonight :)


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