Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dream about the love of your life

One of the lovely Swedish midsommar traditions is for girls and young women to pick a handful of wild flowers and place them under their pillow at night in order to dream about their future husbands!

If you want to try you need to pick seven flowers (not the whole vase full below) , each a different type, then tie a little ribbon around the bunch and slip them under your pillow.  The flowers would usually be picked on the way home from the midsommar festivities.
Oh and look! Even the ducks in the background are kissing!  Freddy (30 months) must have done this as he is still really into lining things up, order and symmetry.


  1. And would it work for married women too? That sounds such a lovely tradition anyway :) thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Very interesting...I love learning about Swedish culture since my ancestors were from Sweden:)

    1. Thanks Melissa! Do you know what part of Sweden they are from?


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