Saturday, 23 June 2012


Although the summer solstice was the 21st June the celebration of Swedish midsommar took place yesterday (it is always on a Friday) and it is one of the most important days in Swedish culture, second perhaps only to Christmas.

The day started with Farmor picking fresh wild flowers to decorate tables. It is also common for women to wear these flowers in a band around their head but unfortunately I didn't get time to make one.

Farfar then brought out the homemade midsommarstång (maypole) ready for it to be decorated with twigs, leaves and flowers.

Birch branches should really be used but we had a big hedge in need of a little prune so Farmor and Faster gathered up clippings and decorated the stång beautifully, adding in little wild flowers too.

Farfar dug a hole to put it in....

And Freddy (30 months) had a go too.

Then the stång was raised!

Normally the next step would be to sing and dance around the stång but we had no time for that because we were heading to the raising of an even bigger one down the road...............(to be continued).


  1. I think I will start this custom in my own garden to honor my ancestors:)

    1. Yay! You could make a mini one - I often see them here sitting in plant pots and they look lovely. Just twist together a blue and yellow pipe cleaner into the right shape.


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