Monday, 4 June 2012

Trains, trains and more trains

This was a recent visit to a French tourist attraction showcasing the famous landmarks of France in  miniature but there was only one part of it that Freddy was interested in - the train network!
Can you imagine a better place to take a 29 month old boy?
Or a 40 year old man for that matter?
Just one question: how do we make one of these on our farm??


  1. I love trains too especially as my dad works in the SNCF, I got to go on the high-speed train TGV during the trials back in the 90s. It was so much fun! TJ loves train too. I'm sure you can buy onw of those railcircuit and put it in your garden ! How fun would that be???!!! :-)

  2. Lille Freddy, förstår att han blev helt begeistrad, han som älskar tåg!

  3. La France Miniature? If so: been there a couple of times, it is amazing to see the trains going around ^^ I agree with your "boys" :D


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