Saturday, 9 June 2012

Who needs a television?

There really is no need for a TV in our house.
Henry (8.5 months) has a new 'thing' - he sneaks off when we are not looking and heads for the laundry room.  He goes inside then pushes the door closed behind him so he can be alone with the washing machine. 

He has certainly inherited his papa's calmness and contentment with being alone, and the love of electronic products is also an inherited trait from him. 

Isn't it funny how children are so fascinated by the washing machine?


  1. Oh that brings back memories. My nephew used to love sitting in front of the washing machine :-)

  2. I am glad to see that we are not the only family who made the choice of having no TV at home :) - the washing-machine does provide a lot of entertainment indeed, but I wouldn't let my daughter on her own in the bathroom, I am too sure she would get up to some mischief after some minutes!


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